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Burman CP gearbox.

I've just ridden my son's G3l to work this morning on his request. The gearbox has started to stick in top gear from cold,it gets no better when warm.It started doing it over the last couple of days. I had to stop and give the lever a pull by hand to get it back into third. Its normally a nice box to use use, the best out of the 3 G3l's we have. They are not a box I'm very familiar with, other than to have the outer case off to remove kickstart springs etc. Before we delve into it does anyone have any suggestions or know of common CP faults such as this. My experience of Burman boxes is with the later GB model, but have never needed to do much with the CP as they have always been good to me.

Re: Burman CP gearbox.

I have two bikes with a CP gearbox, 1951 AJS 18S and 1951 Matchless G9. Both experienced shifting problems when the modern reproduction kick start bump stop rubber inside the gearbox disintegrated and the pieces started jamming things up.

The shifting spring-box made out of zinc in the outer cover are also known to crack (bad design) and cause problems like this.

The shifting mechanism on the later GB box is different.

Re: Burman CP gearbox.

I forgot a G3L CP gearbox is a grease lubricated box. So the kick start bump rubber won't have any oil to move it around. Unless it's a 1948 and later when they switched to oil.

Then I am still guessing it is the zinc spring box.

Re: Burman CP gearbox.

I'm thinking I'll just take it apart carefully and see where there is any wear or broken parts. Worst thing is that they are so messy being grease lubricated ! I'll post up what I find, it may take a while as we have other projects in front. Thank you for your thoughts Bruce.

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