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Stafford Show...

I had a good weekend at the Stafford Show...As expected numbers were well down but in some ways it was enjoyable not to be in the normal crush...I suspect Mortons wouldn't have been quite so happy...The auction this time was huge and ran over three days...There were some real bargains to be had but equally there were many lots that met or exceeded expectations...

Top price was about £235,000 for an immaculate AJS 'Porcupine'...There was a large collection of spares for sale as well...

I managed to pick up some good parts for my various projects and was happy to meet up with a couple of forum members. I also delivered some rare parts for John O'Briens latest project and he reciprocated with some NOS stuff from his ever growing stock of M20 parts.. Next trip out is Founders Day on the 18th...

The weekend before Stafford I went to another auction where I successfully sold my T120R 'special' (below) so all in all it was a nice 10 day break....Ian

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Re: Stafford Show...

It was somewhat of a strange event with so many regular traders not there & none from overseas or visitors
However, it was well worth it for me to attend - I sold & swapped well & I picked up some great stuff for my WB30 - thanks to Ian

Kempton & founders day next - then I begin the process of packing up & relocating back to Ireland after nearly 34 years away

Hope to see some of you at either of the next 2 gigs I am at

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Re: Stafford Show...

I'll see you at Founders Day John...That's a cracking front mudguard you've picked up for the WB30!!....Amazing what turns up isn't it?....Ian:laughing:

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