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clutch cable

Hi Guys, im having trouble with the clutch dragging and the top plate does seem to move more on one side than the other but then i remembered the talk about the lever on the g,box being adjusted so that it sits straight up with the lever on the handlebar pulled in
Well mine isnt and i couldnt adjust it to do so, i think my new cable that came in a set from Oz is too short, the outside length is 48 1/2" and the inner is 52 1/2" the adjuster at the g,box end is 1 5/8 long
the best i can get is the arm at the straight up position before pulling the lever
is this the wrong length and where do you guys get yours
44 M20

Re: clutch cable

I've often modified a cable to create a bit more free length, by:-......Pull the ferule off (cut round the plastic coating at the end with a razor if necc) Hold the outer cable in the round jaw part of pliers. With a small pair if side cutters, catch the spiral end of the outer cable and carefully unwind it (it's a bit fiddly till you get it started). Unwind to the desired length, cut off and carefully tidy the burr with file or Dremel and push the ferule back on. Ron

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