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The Singapore Grip

Aloha everyone,

I've been watching a somewhat silly tv-series called The Singapore Grip. It takes place during the japanese invasion in 1942 and in episode four that I just watched there are two appearances of a WD bike, an M20 I believe. Perhaps some of you will have an interest.
Funny detail is that in one scene the image is reversed giving the impression that the bike has exhausts on both sides. This is done for continuity in the editing I can say with some certainty, being a former film-editor myself. But it looks stupid to anyone with the slightest knowledge of bikes.

Anyway I assume this link wont work outside of Sweden but perhaps for those of you with a VPN being able to fool the internet that you are in fact residents of Sweden can watch:

Best regards,


Re: The Singapore Grip

I watched it when it was on here in Britain, I thought it was quite good, it certainly showed how unprepared they were.

I thought the star bike was a Norton 16H?


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Re: The Singapore Grip

If you look on IMCDB, you can see what Simon is on about.
Like you Simon, I did think it was a little silly. What I didn't understand was, why was that American riding round on the M20.


Re: The Singapore Grip

why was that American riding round on the M20.

Because the Harley wouldn't start (again).

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Re: The Singapore Grip

The army bike in episode four is a BSA, the civilian bike in episode six is a Norton.

I think, or rather I’m actually quite sure of it. But I could of course be wrong, I make mistakes on a daily basis.

One thing I did today that was not a mistake was to take my Bonneville out for a sunset drive over various bridges of Stockholm in the warm summer breeze. My M21 is in a state of slight dissemble for the moment, otherwise that would of course be my first choice!

Happy summer to you all!


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