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Front fork servicing

Hi all, how is the best way to service my front forks? I seem to have lost movement in them and it was like a rodeo when I hit a bump!
I'm not sure the grease is getting it through the nipples and I don't want to take the wrong part off and it all go ping! Cheers, Susie.

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Re: Front fork servicing

Hi Susie

You could try loosening the side damper and 3 long link bolts, just loosen the lock nuts and give the bolt head a half turn and see if it makes a difference.


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Re: Front fork servicing

Susie if you can get it to me (Bournemouth) By van or trailer, I'll check it out.... grease and adjust them. You might already have my contact details? Or get them off Mark H. Ron

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Re: Front fork servicing

Ron's the man!! he'll grease the nipples anytime!

Glad you still have the bike Suzie!



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Re: Front fork servicing

Hi, thanks for the responses.

I've emailed you Ron thanks as fiddling didn't make much difference.

Of course I've got it Lex! Thought about selling it a few times but the husband will not let me!!


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Re: Front fork servicing

Susie picked up her bike today and text me to say that she'd had an enjoyable ride the 35 miles back to Southampton with fully functioning forks and a few other adjustments, plus an oil change.

I had to take all the fork links out. The bottom links were seized solid and were a right sod to move. But all cleaned up and greased they work fine now.

It turns out she is quite a master with stained glass and actually teaches the art. I was very pleasantly surprised and delighted to receive this hand made gift by way of a thankyou.

I'll be hanging it in the "museum" tomorrow. Ron:+1:


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