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lever finish


My brake, clutch and throttle levers hava a chrome finish. As some other parts of this bike were chromed in the 60-ties, it could be that these were chromed too to civilise this bike. But the chrome on the levers looks different and seems of a better quality than the other chromed parts. So the question is: what finish did the levers have when they left the factory in '44?

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Re: lever finish

In 1944 they would have been mostly painted I'd say, any pictures?



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Re: lever finish




The air lever is missing, also these parts from the carburetter:

apparently, not necessary.


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Re: lever finish

The Advance / Retard is Matchless Bowden. The folded brake and clutch are 1950s or later ball-ended Doherty...I can't see anything there that is 'correct' for a wartime M20. The finish is probably not the most relevant aspect, but certainly bright chrome is not correct.

A choke should be necessary when cold and the handlebar set is not complete without it.

Re: lever finish

i have the air lever u need
if u interested i can send photos to u

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