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Re: Taking your motorcycle to Europe in Van or Trailer

according to one news source this morning.....

"rrivals from Britain will be forced to self-isolate in a bid to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 mutation, French government spokesperson Gabriel Attal said following a cabinet meeting on Wednesday. France placed the UK on its version of the 'amber list', meaning arrivals face isolation, supervised by police, with fines of between €1,000 and €1,500 for breaking the rules. The new rules, expected to come into force on Monday, demand a negative PCR test at least 36 hours before touching down in France, or an antigen test done within 24 hours of entry. The country follows Austria, which said on Tuesday it was banning direct flights and tourist visits from Britain, and Germany, which said on Friday that anyone entering from the UK would have to quarantine for two weeks on arrival. Britain joins a list of 15 countries already on France's mandatory quarantine list - including Brazil , India , Argentina and Turkey. Currently, Brits arriving into France are told they must isolate for seven days but there is no enforcement. Portugal and Gibraltar are on Britain's quarantine-free green list. Those coming back from European destinations on the amber list face having to quarantine for 10 days in Britain. "

I got well pee'd off with France in 2007, not been back since. Was once a stalwart francophile, not any more.Whole country has changed so much in the last 30 years.

Re: Taking your motorcycle to Europe in Van or Trailer

I feel for you guys. I can not imagine the PITA it must be moving personal goods around.

We just got back to New Jersey from our winter stay in Florida. In Florida you would not know about Covid. Very thing has been open since December 2020. The schools opened in September of 2020. Some people stilll wear masks, but most do not.
Get to New Jersey and you think you have to wear masks and no dine in. Some things are going to change on Friday, but you would think e are still in the midst of the pandemic.

Next weekend we have the Reading PA air show and re-enactment. 80 some WWII airplanes. We represent the Big Red One. Our group will have 2 half tracks, 4-5 Weapons carriers, a bunch of jeeps, a couple of Weasels, 5 Indians, 2 Harley WLA, a couple captured Germany BMW’s, a Matchless and my KM20. We will have educational displays. Yes we let little children hold real M1’s.
I gather up the blank casing from our battles and give them to the kids.

Today I start up the KM20 just to be sure and then pull the head and make sure things are clean. It has a metallic click when things warm up. I seems to run fine, but I want to find the reason for the tap tap tap. Valves have been adjusted and rechecked 10 times.

Have a great Memorial Day. We will have a celebration and a drink for the boys ho did not come home. My uncle Paul did not survive the war. He was punted many time and was finally killed crossing the Rhine. I understand we was standing up directing the landing craft. He went in a a private and rose to the rank of Lieutenant before his death. Some of his exploits and that of the 317th Infantry Regiment have been captured in a book and many articles. I am sure many of you had fathers in the war. God Bless them all. I will never understand how they faced things like the MG42 and just moved forward.

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Re: Taking your motorcycle to Europe in Van or Trailer

I used to export vintage bikes once, it was far easier and less hassle before we were fully into the EU [or common market as it was then].
One form to carry them across france, and get paper work stamped in and out.
turn up at Dover, choice of three ferries, pick one and drive onto boat.
now its as bad as airlines, two hours in advance, interogations.
If you turn up at eurotunnel folkstone without prior notice or booking they won't let you pay cash for your ticket, got to be cards so they can check you out.

Eurostar london a load of hassle last time I went over; coming back form Paris I was just waved onto train.

Good luck to all you cross channel chaps this year, all down to political pique, shaame because I have had many good times over there.

Re: Taking your motorcycle to Europe in Van or Trailer

[' demand a negative PCR test at least 36 hours before touching down in France..']

I don't think my M20 will go fast enough to jump the channel so 'touching down' in France is out of the question unless it's thrown out the back of a Herculese....:laughing: Ian

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Re: Taking your motorcycle to Europe in Van or Trailer

Hello Charlie. It would be great to see some photos of your event at Reading, if you can manage it.

Re: Taking your motorcycle to Europe in Van or Trailer

Hi all,

I live in France and earlier in the year brought over a bike with no problem? As long as the V5 or in France the certificate of immatriculation is in your name it’s fine.. in principle it is no different to the van or car you are travelling across in.. it is your personal property/vehicle..

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