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Speedo Setup

Hi All

I hope everyone had a good Christmas.
As I am on holiday I am taking the opportunity to keep going with my WD CO.
Before putting the front wheel on I need to sort that end of the speedo drive I have the gear that is on the inside of the drum but am missing the gear that engages with it. The gear inside drum has 70 odd teeth is this correct ? If so does anyone know what size gear(ie number of teeth)do I need to engage with it? Hopefully that all makes sense.

Thanks for your help

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Re: Speedo Setup

I have a set here that were marked CO they are the fine tooth type. They are 67T on the hub ring and 22T on the speedo drive shaft gear. This gear has a 5/16" fixing hole and drilled for a split locating pin.

Re: Speedo Setup

Hi Tim Many thanks for your help now I know what to look for. Cheers Richard

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