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Off Topic - DIY Small Parts Cleaner

Dear Fellow M20 Rats:

While restoring my M20, I could have used this clever DIY parts cleaner made from readily available garage tools and parts. However, I would use a bio-degradable cleaner such as Simple Green Cleaner, available at local hardware stores at modest cost. For corroded parts, I would use the same cleaner, adding a small amount of kitchen vinegar, and heat the mixture in the microwave before use. Heating diluted vinegar and soaking / agitation really accelerates the dissolution of metal oxidation and mineral scale. I use it periodically for deep cleaning of household faucet spout bubblers and shower spray heads. Some care is needed, as hot vinegar will remove paint.


for a video on the cleaner parts assembly and cleaning process. Easy Peasy.

Regards, and have a happy, safe and healthy Holiday!


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