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Norton 16H combo.

Are there any clues on this photo to say for sure that its an ex WD bike,or is it just a pre war civilian bike?.

Re: Norton 16H combo.

Steve it looks the same Swallow Model 8 as fitted to RAF 16H's. I think the pre war bikes had the front brake on the O/S and yours has the later 44? oil tank. Ron

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Re: Norton 16H combo.

thanks Ron, when it comes to Nortons I'm not that clued up, although I do have a look on the WD Norton website.

Re: Norton 16H combo.

Hello Steve,

It is very likely an ex military bike/combination.

The MC sports the side welded oil tank (a later war period model), a wide toolbox (never used on civilian MC's)and the front fork shock absorber adjustment is by nut and not by a handwheel. A typical military configuration.

Only civilian 1939 model year Nortons had the front brake drum on the right hand side.
Every military built Norton built between 1935 and 1945 had the front brake drum on the left hand side.

16H sidecar combinations were mostly used by the RAF/RCAF/RAAF/RNZLAF and also by International squadrons in England like 320,322, 323 Dutch squadrons etc.
Army and Navy will have used them as well but not in large numbers.



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