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Valve lifter oil leak

Hi fellas,

I cannot stop a persistent oil leak from the exhaust valve lifter on my WD M20. Does any one have a fix?



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Re: Valve lifter oil leak

The inner end of the fitting that screws into the barrel and in which the valve lifter spindle runs is countersunk...I put a thin neoprene O ring onto/over the spindle and then fit the spindle into the fitting...The O ring gets trapped in the countersink and seals pretty well...

You'll obviously have to remove the valve lifter arm and remove the fitting, with the spindle, from the barrel...Take care when removing and replacing the assembly that the peg on the spindle doesn't interfere with and damage the ex. tappet head...The tappet cover will also have to be removed...You don't want too much 'squash' on the O ring as it will make the spindle tight...I use one of a diameter that fits easily but snugly over the spindle and is about .040" (1mm) thick..Ian

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