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BSA M20 Deluxe

Hi everyone, my name is Riccardo, I live in Italy and I am restoring an M20, with a civil set-up. I wanted to ask some questions:
1) the Deluxe version had a tank with instrumentation, what did it contain? are there any photos?
2) the rear fender was slightly closed sideways, where can I find those pieces? do they have a specific name?
3) did the timing cover have a cap in front of the dynamo gear, did all civilian models have it?
4) are there other details that the Deluxe had (I think they were called K-M20) and that the MW-M20 version didn't have?
5) I saw that some M20s had the fishtail exhaust and the gearbox on the tank like the slopers, which models were they?
Thank you all

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Re: BSA M20 Deluxe

What year M20?

My 1950 M21 is a deluxe. The only difference between it and a standard model for 1950 is it has a chrome fuel tank and a side stand.

Re: BSA M20 Deluxe


You can find mudgards by the firm called "Vintage steel". They have both front and rear of the right modell but shipping is expensive because they are in Autstralia.


Håkan Snäckerström

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Re: BSA M20 Deluxe

Hi Riccardo,

There are actually a lot of differences between the early KM20 and WM20 model. The Deluxe version was only applied pre war (1939) not post war. It is easier if you can give the year of manufacture of your M20.

The Deluxe version did have a panel tank with the instruments. These tanks and instruments are difficult to find nowadays, replica tanks are available from India but I won't buy those. I have such an original tank with the instruments (not for sale) and can send photo's.


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