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Magnetic drain plug & 'fuzz'

Morning All,

I finally took my bike (1947 M20) for its maiden voyage this weekend. It was a short trip, the main purpose was to get the engine hot enough for the final stage of head bolt tightening.

During the rebuild, due to the lack of engine oil filtration, I thought a magnetic drain plug would be a good idea, the type built into a billet machined sump.

The engine has been fully stripped and cleaned,I reused existing main & and bigend bearing as they were spot on, the barrel had a new liner and re-bore with new / old stock hepolite piston.
After the run & removing the drain plug, there was a little black paste on the end of the plug, not lots but enough to rub between my finger tips. There were no shiny bits or big lumps so I'm guessing it's the piston / barrel & rings bedding in.

I've never owned a bike with such a basic filtration system (it doesnt even have a filter in the tank), what do you guys do with 'new' engines.
What mileage would be considered best for initial oil change?

Also, apart from regular oil changes, is there anything that can be added to filter the oil? I added a spin on filter to the oil return line of my C15, it seems to clean the oil very well.



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Re: Magnetic drain plug & 'fuzz'

That's quite normal to see a magnetic paste on the magnet after a rebuild. I've fitted a magnet in the oil tank drain plug on my 16H which works well. With a newly built engine, I like to changed the oil after about 50 miles. This gets rid of any particles of metal from the initial bedding in, then 100-200 mile, 500 mile, 1000 mile. That works for me.

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Re: Magnetic drain plug & 'fuzz'

Fitting a magnetic sump filter is a good idea.
I changed oil after the first 500km, after that I change once a year.
Fitting a spun oil filter to a ball bearing engine is a bit of a overkill.
And it does look rather out of place although that's a matter of taste I suppose.
However, fitting a spun on filter to a plain bearing engine is a good idea, as those type of engines benefits from really clean oil
Babbit bushes can take on some dirt as it will get embedded in to the babbit, but they also benefit from a external filter.

I have to add that this first 500Km was with a completely clean & fresh engine, no traces of old oil left in it.
+ a cast alloy sumpplate with magnetic plug .(I make those for the AOMCC)

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