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Looking for WM20 history by Frame number



The engine


This is how it appears on the engine, stacked.

This may have come from the Pacific theater, specifically Guam around 1949. I have seen a copy of the original title transfer docs.

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Re: Looking for WM20 history by Frame number

A strange place to find a WM20. British and colonial forces were not involved in the battles of Guam AFAIK. But, on the bright side, a previous owner of this machine entered it into the register of this group. His name and email address are beside the listing.
He might be able to help further with its history. WM20 battle history is rarely available. Blind luck (such as a period image) sometimes gives you something.

see here:

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Re: Looking for WM20 history by Frame number

Firstly you need to be sure the numbers are original or there is very little point in researching any history.

Assuming they are WM20 76321 doesn't appear to be in the post war key cards or the Australian Ledgers which would have been a possible route to the Pacific.

WM20 96045 is in the post war key cards, this machine would have been the donor for your engine during a rebuild, unfortunately the last known place on the card has been scratched out and isn't discernible from the scan but it may be possible to recover it from the original document held by Lex? (card 212B)


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