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Bikes the other mob used to own

We quite often see pictures of M20s & other bikes appropriated by German forces, but are there pictures around of Axis bikes captured, & possibly used by the Allies?

Re: Bikes the other mob used to own

Yes, there are quite a few. Mostly captured bikes being used ad-hoc by whoever captured them. A few pictures show them being in what looks like official use. I think a set of 'C' census numbers were set aside for such official use ?

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Re: Bikes the other mob used to own

Not only that but I am aware of at least one BMW R.75 abandoned during the German retreat from France in 1944 was acquired as a trophy by a British Army Officer and shipped back to the UK for his own use. Collected by relatives at a south coast port it was kept under cover till he returned and was de-mobbed where upon it was moved to his house just outside Bromyard. I saw the machine in his garage around 1974.

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