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BSA oil pump update...

New oil pumps for the M20 and other models are due for completion in approx. 1 week...These are UK manufactured pumps with a cast iron body which is both stronger and more durable than the mazac originals and will cure 'tight pump' problems...The pumps have the later pattern gears that improve output (as fitted to later Gold Stars etc.)...

If you are interested in one, or more, of these please contact me off forum by Friday next week at the latest.....Ian

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Re: BSA oil pump update...


Email sent as I definitely want an oil pump.

Now as no one was making them in the past except for ABSF and they quoted £400 to get me one I now see Hepolite/Wassell also makes them. But it matters little as no one seems to actually have a Hepolite pump and more expensive than the one you will supply.

Thank you for having the new pumps made.


Re: BSA oil pump update...

Yes definitely want one.

email (option): leonhop3_at_planet_dot_nl

Re: BSA oil pump update...

Last chance on ordering one of these today...I've noted everyone who has posted here or e mailed me so far and will be in touch...Ian

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