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BSA M20 Repair Tag

Took this off an BSA M20 about 25 years ago.Just found it amongst some books and I wondered if it was of use to anybody.
Don’t want anything for it am willing to post to anyone who would like it.Seems a shame to bin it.....

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Re: BSA M20 Repair Tag

Nice plate John,

I guess since it's postwar nobody is interested, but I saved the picture with my other pictures of these plates, thanks!


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Re: BSA M20 Repair Tag

A generous offer John and I've also saved a picture for my files but I don't have a use for it either.

NID is that Northern Ireland District?

Mains Std, is there an oversize option for an M20?


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Re: BSA M20 Repair Tag

I thought that PISTONS (pleural) and MAINS would apply to a vehicle? Maybe they just used them on bikes anyway? Ron

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