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cylinder head tension

After reading the recent posts on head gaskets I decided to check the tension on my M20 as per Ian's article in the tech section. I have a composite gasket as that is all that I could get in West Aussie and it has been on for considerable time without any problems. The head bolts only tightened down a fraction at 30ft/lb, so all seems okay. I intend going for a ride this coming week and the location is quite hilly at times and wanted to make sure all was correct.

I also have a M21 with a alloy head. My question to anyone who can advise is the head bolt tension the same. Normally alloy heads have a lower torque value than a cast iron head. Checking the M21 at 30ft/lb and it will tighten up considerably. Thanks in advance.

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Re: cylinder head tension

30 will be fine for the alloy head
What is more importnt are large thick washers or you risk collapsing the bolt hole on to the bolt.

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