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Not the race to the bridge

Was invited to join the Race to the Bridge at Arnhem with Burney my ex KTR RAF WNG.
Ofcourse it was not officially held this year.
We did some individual sightseeing instead.
With a small group we camped next to the field where Operation Berlin had taken place.


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Re: Not the race to the bridge

Very well done to all those who kept this important tradition going, it must have been very strange to not have veterans present.

I look forward to the day when I can attend again.


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Re: Not the race to the bridge

I was there too, with the Enfield, and it was a strange year! but nice weather, so we enjoyed it very much!



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Re: Not the race to the bridge

Nice pictures Lex.
Where are you, in the car ?

And the bikes, were they recently discovered in the water or what ?

Re: Not the race to the bridge

Lex wears glasses! Ron

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