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Side stand (2)

Following on from the lengthy thread about M20 side stands.

The older I get the more awkward it is to haul my bike onto it's rear stand, especially noticeable when I leave or return home as I have to open and close a five bar gate on a slight slope.

I found an old prop stand in my storage unit and did a very similar thing to Colin. It can be removed in a couple of minutes as it's held on by just one nut and no modification to the bike.

Knee down on left handers might create some sparks:scream:

If anyone is listening? Please scrub my interest in the ones shown in the other thread. Ron



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Re: Side stand (2)

Nice job Ron
Can you operate it while asrids the bike?
In just over a week I head off to the the East West run and have fitted one to the rear frame. It got embarassing on the End to End run last year waiting for my mate to park up and come and hold the bike every time we stopped and I needed to get off!

Re: Side stand (2)

It's awkward to get to the little foot from the saddle. I would need to weld a short piece of 1/4" bar if I feel the need. Ron

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