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Re: Current photo on this page

Hiya all,

A strange one, the photo that sits on the forum page at the top of the page at the moment, with the DonR on his BSA M20 - C4679085 I think, this is a spit of my grandfather, Alfred Burt, who was a DonR in 1943-45. He went onto serve in France and Germany and see this chap has 21st Army Group insignia.

A total long shot, but does anyone know anything about this photo, I am sure it will not be him, but the photo is uncanny. My Dad says the same.

Thank you all for your help.


Danny Burt

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Re: Current photo on this page

Hi Danny...That's a Norton 16H in the photo...Good luck with your quest....Ian

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Re: Current photo on this page


How bad of me, thank you for correcting me. I know a story of my grandad riding a Norton and his brakes went. He could not stop at a checkpoint and came off in a french ditch! He always had a scar on his face.



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Re: Current photo on this page

According to this article that is "Jennifer's Dad on his Norton 16H sometime around 1943."

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