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sidecar identification

Hi all,

For my Project BSA i've managed to find a sidecar. However it's unlike any other British models i've seen.
I think it's military because it has traces of khaki paint on the frame and mudguard. it looks too well made to be homemade.
Could it be a commercial chassis with a passenger body added? or maybe from a impressed machine? it has a frame number (AN3073) stamped into the chassis. The sidecar wheel is 19 inch 40 spokes, tyre is 3.50-19.
Does anyone have an idea of the manufacturer? any info would be greatly appreciated.
Also looking for pictures of how a sidecar is attached to a BSA M20, i don't have sidecar fittings on my frame, so plan to use bolt on ones.



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Re: sidecar identification

Hi Niek

I don't recognise it but the lower rear fitting looks post war Russian.


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Re: sidecar identification

I think it's more European too, but maybe Austrian?? remember they drove on the left before the war.



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