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Same riders on BSA and Ariel ?

First picture shows -to the left- Dutchman Mr. L.P.J. van Liere with Mr. Krommendijk, van Liere describes him as his 'Adjudant'
on BSA from the 118 'Train' Prinses Irene Brigade. Pic comes from his book 'Dutch Courage' published by himself in 1985.

Second picture with (I think) van Liere on the right, I found on the net with the description 'Ariel-Polen-training-Scotland' I think there is a remarkable resemblence between the riders on both pictures.
(I know that Dutch are often mistaken for Danes, Germans, Belgiums, and now Polish ? because of NOMI ? (not on my island):joy: :grinning:) :grinning:
Mr van Liere was at a certain point within the 'Royal Dutch Brigade' what later became the 'Prinses Irene Brigade'.
Stationed at Wrottesley Park. The Brigade used BSA and Nortons, but Ariels ? any thoughts?



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