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Lucas HF 1235 Horn

My horn was not working, but sparks fly when I touch 6V to the terminals.
Time to take it apart. First the nut holding the thin vibrating plate not the one held down by the brass egg corn nut, would not come lose. I finally got it, but with some bending of the points bracket. I probably have 5 hours into this Horn.
Got it apart, figured out hat makes it work, and then went to repair the stuff I bent.
After many tries I got it working.
I made many paper gaskets trying to get the shim distance right. Every time I tighter down the outer bezel the damn thing would not work right.
So I gave up on paper and went to copper washers of different thicknesses.

Perfect fit was finally found!

Now there is a space around the Horn base that is open. Filled with a little gasket compound and paint. Looks like a paper gasket to me. Yes it will come apart when needed. There is plenty of room to push wedges into the sealant and pop it loose if needed.
Forget the silly stacking of paper gaskets that compress.

The Horn sounds very mean. Not a pleasant sound, very angry.

My IPhone decibel meter tells me it is 108 dB at three feet.

Now how the get the chain case cover pried loose. So nut used a sealant to keep it from leaking. How no matter how hard I pry nothing gives except my pry bars. My has to cut the top lip off to get to the gasket and sealant. I have another outer chain case just in case. Maybe need to get a backup inner also?

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