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First camp this year.

Since pubs and camp sites have started to open (with restrictions) We organised a weekend DR rally in the back field at our usual local venue, the "Cross Keys Inn" (Viv) on Mannington Heath near Wimborne in Dorset. Just for a few of us locals and some of the NOBS. Some guys and girls just turned up for one day or both without camping, so about 15-18 people each day.

The first half of Saturdays run to old WW2 airfields in the New Forest was great, but the second half was marred by heavy rain. We met up with Airfield historian and WLA owner Phil Smith who showed us artifacts and gave as a short talk about some of the airfields.

The Sunday run was mostly warm sunny weather with a run through quiet Dorset countryside and stops at Compton Abbas (working) airfield and the memorial side of Tarrant Rushton (Horsa Glider) Airfield where these pictures where taken by Pete Morgan.

Meeting up with everyone after so long was just great! And the breakfast and evening meals from Viv were fabulous....Although expect Viv to tell you off for leaving anything or using your mobile phone in the pub!! Ron:relaxed: :+1:




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Re: First camp this year.

Very nice, Ron.
Would have loved to be there.
It looks like things are getting back to normal (…)

Re: First camp this year.

I should think it was great to meet up with old faces again and having a friendly local is very handy!!...
I remember meeting Phil Smith and his father in Normandy on the 55th.?...He had a Triumph in those days (and didn't have a WLA or a girlfriend/wife with a lovely singing voice as he does now...)

We went to one of the markets and bought an assortment of food, including fresh oysters which Phil particularly liked I recall (Yuk!!)...We had a great afternoon well out into the sunny countryside chatting and eating a lot....Happy memories...:relieved: Ian

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Re: First camp this year.

Sadly Ian, Phil's singing partner died of Cancer about 2 years ago. Yes he used to ride a 3HW and was always a fearless rider. He would go anywhere, any time any weather....Two up.

As for Oysters......It's like licking Phlegm off a Tortoise:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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Re: First camp this year.

['Sadly Ian, Phil's singing partner died of Cancer about 2 years ago....']

I'm really very sorry to hear that...I last saw them just a few years ago at the 40's weekend at Harrowbeer Airfield down in Devon....Ian

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