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Canadian DR photo.

Re: Canadian DR photo.

It looks like an early Norton with a later speedo bracket, a shame we can't see the number.

Actually, I think it could be 4197736...?

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Re: Canadian DR photo.

I thought that it began C419, but the highest Norton number in that sequence was C4196302..C4197736 would be an M20 and my eyesight's not that bad !

I think it's actually C4397786 which puts it in the latter part of C7353, after they had deleted the double pannier tool boxes.

The side-mounted speedo bracket actually appeared very early on. C4153287 had a centre-mount and C4153905 the offset version. This is quite early in contract C5612 which was delivered April to June 1940.

Re: Canadian DR photo.

Would it be possible to find what unit the bike is from by the insignia painted on the front mudguard, done a Google search but can't find nothing similar on Canadian vehicles, it's also possible that three different colours might be painted on, which on a b+w photo make it harder to decipher.

Re: Canadian DR photo.

Judging by the number of pens in his breast pocket, I'd say he has to be a storeman ! R.C.O.C. ? :smile:

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