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Play In the Clutch Basket on My 43 WM20

First, thanks for the help in getting my clutch apart a few posts ago. I really appreciate the guidance and wealth of knowledge on this site and have learned a lot.

I should note that I couldn't get clutch assembly off the bike as an assembly (rusted on since the war??. I was told by a friend who has had and worked on several M20s to swap out the clutch plates on the bike to prevent damage from trying to force it off, so I took the large nut off to release the center spring (I knew it would have some energy behind it so I made sure I wasn't in the line of fire and put a soft backstop to catch it) and once I did that I was able to pull the cover and plates out. I took the primary chain off with the idea that I would be able to get the clutch assembly off the bike but it won't budge. I have gotten that far and just received new disks and plates in the mail. I was looking at reassembly and noticed there was play in the drive and driven basket (I hope I'm using the right terminology for the slotted circular outer and inner parts that hold the clutch plates in place). I didn't notice the play when the spring was on the clutch. Is this play normal or should I be looking at replacing the bearings on the shaft?

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Re: Play In the Clutch Basket on My 43 WM20

New clutch rollers may well eliminate some of the rock/wear. Best to pull the whole thing off for inspection. Ron

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Re: Play In the Clutch Basket on My 43 WM20


Watch out when you order the new rollers! Some seller will send you 1/4 x 5/16 but the correct ones should be 1/4 x 1/4 (numbers straight out of my teflon memory, someone please jump in and correct me if I got i wrong!)
The dodgy thing is that both of these dimensions tend to have the same parts number with at least two different sellers. I got the wrong ones and ended up with a clutch that wouldn't free at all. Spent a hell of a lot of time trying to understand why it wouldn't work.
Now you have the olds ones to compare with so you're more likely to spot the problem before hand.

And while you're at it, make sure to order a clutch compress tool for putting it back together, it also makes dismantling the spring a much more civilized process for that matter. :)
Good luck!

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Re: Play In the Clutch Basket on My 43 WM20

Watch out for Triumph clutch rollers as well...They are 1/4" diameter but not 1/4" long...They are about .006" shorter...

Make sure any seller actually knows what they are selling...I've seen rollers listed as suitable for Triumph and/or BSA!!....Ian

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