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Lazy suppliers (vent)

I just need to vent.

While I get covid is a real pain the rear end for people, it has become increasingly more difficult as of late, in being able to place orders with European suppliers for delivery to Canada. One supplier is simply not motivated to sell to me (in Canada) - simply because there is not enough money in it for him to get off his ass and ship. On the one hand his argument is that he believes I will just rip him off by claiming the parcel never arrives. Alternatively, it's just not worth his while to go to UPS/DHL/Fedex (where I pay the additional shipping costs) to guarantee delivery (this one supplier is in the Netherlands). A review of my experience may be coming soon for this company in the Netherlands.

The other supplier (In Germany) appears to be very reluctant to ship, claiming a lack of accounts with UPS/Fedex. I am hopeful they will put some effort in.

It just seems suppliers just want the easy money: where they can make a few hundred profit- and this is really impacting my ability to get the needed parts so I can MAYBE ride my bike again this summers having not ridden her in a decade.


Brad F

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Re: Lazy suppliers (vent)

Im close to Vancouver and havent had any issues like that, just the usual delays in the post but i usually buy from members or Drags.
i did however dip into deep waters by buying a rack and panniers from India...i know..i know, but i am well aware of the quality and only want them to stick on the bag and look the part....even if i have to weld them on lol so i paid for them Jan 20th and after waiting and waiting covid hit them hard so no shipping, all the while they were communicating and a few weeks ago they said for me to buy something else to trigger the shipping process way i thought and asked for a refund and got one instantly with a note explaining that everything was back to normal (ish) for them and they would send out right away, so i did and a week later they arrived by DHL, boy was i surprised, (by the speed not the quality ha ha) anyway after bending, twisting, then rewelding im almost ready to fit them.....

dont be shy post the names of these companies here so we can be wary when thinking of dealing with them

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Re: Lazy suppliers (vent)

I'm happy to send parts to Canada and America...In fact I have just sent something to the States...It's no drama...I can do tracked and signed international delivery and I KNOW it's got there...Saying that I don't worry too much with forum members I'm dealing with, everyone seems to be honest and I've never had a problem...Part of the reason I like tracked and signed is that it's simply a more reliable service than standard mail....

The States have just hiked their internal mail costs though and it's now more expensive to send there than it is posting to Australia....Ian

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Re: Lazy suppliers (vent)

A lot of ebay sellers have had bad experiences with buyers in the States claiming the item never arrived.
Postage from Uk to Canada is ridiculously expensive for some reason.

My worst experience was with a woman in New York who just could not grasp the fact that there were several 1000s miles of sea between us, wanting a book sent surface mail, but quicker than the 90 days it took by boat, on the surface. Would't pay for air mail.

"ya ripping me orf buddy"

very nasty experience so never send to USA any more.

Stuff gets to Tasmania with no problems.

Re: Lazy suppliers (vent)

being on the far side of Canada and having so many old bikes i am always buying from the UK mostly it seems and im used to the high cost of shipping but thats just part and parcel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: to having this hobby, if i sell something i make sure it has tracking and that i set the terms of shipping, i am so aware the vast difference between the Uk and here in getting parts and knowledge, i envy it but not enough to move back to damp Scotland ha ha

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Re: Lazy suppliers (vent)

Having been in transport for near 40 years I usually use the Post Office and ask all my suppliers to ship via their post office.
I am yet to have a delivery in or out vanish off the face of the earth, although the Americans seem to have trouble with proper packaging so some of the stuff I bring in from there arrives in less than pristine condition.
There is lots of profit in depot to depot deliveries but no money what so ever in the depot to door part.
The local post contractors down here get 85¢ for their part in the delivery + an additional 43¢ if I am not home & they have to return the package to the post office.
Evil pay's "eparcel" is by far the worst delivery service on the planet and I do get refunds for around 1/3 of what is sent to me by that method and will continue to claim till they get a proper delivery service and my parcels stop being shunted through 6 to 10 different sub contractors before not being delivered because the driver who barely came to a full stop, saw a chain & padlock on the gate.
I do let the vendors know when the delivery arrives & any who tell me my payment was reversed get sent a second payment as a paypal transfer however mostly the vendors tell me they still had my money so evil pay must be footing the bill.

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