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tank number

how do you work out the tank number for a g3l contract number c11102 frame number 28655 also have you any dealings with indian fuel tanks as I will be needing a tank for this machine and wondered what they were like.
thank you

Re: tank number

Ok, this is a difficult contract as there were many blocks of C numbers within the contract, closest I have is frame 28638 and that had C946844 on the tank, and 28666 with C946842 on the tank, so now you can calculate if both have the same "checksum" as we call it, and apply that to your framenumber.

Let me know how you get on.

I would not trust any of the Indian made tanks, but you might get lucky.



email (option): welbike@welb**

Re: tank number

thank you lex I will have to keep looking for a tank


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