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TRIUMPH 3HW silencer welds.

This photo taken in October 1943 at the new Meriden factory shows just off the production line bikes,if you look closer up at the silencers the welds that join the two ends are not ground off,earlier photos show that they were ground off,a change maybe to cut down on costs/production time/labour?

Above,side that can be seen is finished off smooth.
Below,side that is hidden,welds are not ground off.

Below,seen side rear.

Below hidden side rear and front.

Re: TRIUMPH 3HW silencer welds.

For got to say that the last five photos show a NOS BSA M20 silencer were only part of the welds were ground off,and the rear/underside that are hidden from view welds are left unfinished off state.

Re: TRIUMPH 3HW silencer welds.

Well done Steve! That's some detail that you wouldn't think of looking for. Ron

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