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TRIUMPH 3HW tool kit.

Photo below shows some of the tools supplied to the machines from contract 294/C/13948,DA5 is used for girder fork spindles as well as tappet adjustment,PA56 was deleted from the tool kit when Webb girder forks were fitted.

Below the spares book for contract 294/C/13948,DA70 clutch nut key and DA50/1 extractor clutch centre are not listed in all the later spares books.

Photo below shows the tools illustration which is the same in all the later spares books after 294/C/13948,WA58A tool roll,DA157 spanner box 3/8x1/2 inch(wheel nuts?) and DA160 outfit tyre repair are the only items that are missing from my own tool kit,would be nice to see some photos of these,especially the tyre repair outfit,the tyre repair outfit in the illustration has the words "Triumph Engineering Co Ltd Coventry" on the tin probably from pre war tyre repair kits.

Below chain rivet extractor shown in the driver hand books is not the same as illustrated in the spares books.

Below,poor photo of a 3SW tool kit ,which is almost the same as that of the 3HW.

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