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Re: Lockdown gearbox strip


Any tips for how to best fit that spring hook on the quadrant ?

I tied coat hanger at the loop but now need to secure cover on the milling table.

Looking at the suggested tool but not clear if that is meant for that.

Thank you for your comments

Re: Lockdown gearbox strip

Dave's suggested tool should help Henri. Ron

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Re: Lockdown gearbox strip

Thank you Ron,

If the rubber piece wasn’t there maybe.

Just the same, the coat hanger did it.

Re: Lockdown gearbox strip

Tool can be used with rubber stop in place, First roughly place quadrant into outer case & hook the spring onto quadrant, then insert tool and turn until it hits the stop(2nd photo) then turn tool clockwise until you clear the stop rubber in outer case then just push quadrant into outer case. 1st photo shows how to use tool to remove quadrant, same thing insert tool till it catches the return spring the turn clockwise and wiggle out quadrant once clear of stop on outer casing.I made this tool as I got fed up with fiddling around trying to get return spring into place this tool makes it so easy and is worth the 1/2 hour of time to make....

Re: Lockdown gearbox strip

Thank you Dave for the clear explanation and congrats on coming up with an easier solution.

No skills in my CV for welding nor silver soldering. But I will keep your photos in my to do files.

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