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Re: Lucas MT1130 tail lamp

The earliest image that I know of with the MT1130 is C389369 from Contract A/9764 which was for 298 extended to 398 machines and commenced delivery 27/10/1938 with the last machines arriving 23/1/1939.


C389369 was the 225th serial number. Looking at daily arrivals at Chilwell, this would suggest November 1938 production.

Anyone have a photo of a KM20 with a lower number ? The MEE had KM20 318 (C389161) late in 1938. I'd be surprised if there wasn't a photo of it somewhere.

Re: Lucas MT1130 tail lamp

Here's one on a WB30 all alloy prototype....Ian.

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Re: Lucas MT1130 tail lamp

And an M23...Ian

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