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Re: front brake cable adjuster

Kevin, I removed that spacer today and measured it as ID 0.260", OD 0.500" and thickness 0.106" so pretty close to the A176 the BSA parts book shows as ID 0.255" and thickness 0.104" (no OD shown).

Sorry I didn't do that yesterday - I got sidetracked fault-finding a friends non-charging Matchless 350 (if you have ever had the misfortune to work on one of those generators in-situ you will understand why it took up a lot of time). Ray :white_frowning_face:

Re: front brake cable adjuster

thanks very much Ray i will find one that size, i think that the adjuster diameter is bigger than the original but i can make it work now thanks to the help on here:slightly_smiling_face:

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