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Lucas Dynamo Field Coil Screws

Apologies for the lame topic, but does anyone have the specs for Lucas Dynamo field coil counter-sunk screws?

I can't find the dimensions anywhere - seems as they were originally only sold with the supplementary parts packs, so part number etc. in the the Lucas parts sheets.

Appreciate any feedback.

Re: Lucas Dynamo Field Coil Screws

5/16 BSF Bruce. Some on ebay. Ron

email (option):

Re: Lucas Dynamo Field Coil Screws

Hi Ron - thanks for that. I'm trying to source some locally, hence the question.

This virus thing has clobbered our local economy even further, so a few things: Exchange rate is chronic, postage costs have become insane, I don't think our post office is functioning yet (when they do, the backlog will take months to clear...), and at the moment it seems as though eBay is shut down to SA buyers anyway.

I measured 22tpi, so that fits in with the BSF that you provided at 5/16" - many thanks for once again coming to my rescue!!!

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