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Norton 16H Foot Rests & Speedo Mount


Does anyone know, whether a 1940 Norton 16H of contract 5612, would have been fitted with a central mounted speedo and earlier rubber type Norton foot rests? Thanks.


Re: Norton 16H Foot Rests & Speedo Mount

Hello Jon, Glad to see you rivet-counting on Nortons :relaxed:

The speedo mounts changed during the course of C5612. Looking at photos on file, I have without exception a central mounting up to C4153287 (W8119) and an offset mount from C4154277 (W9109). I can't confirm where in that 1000-odd machines the change was actually made.

Footrest types are more definite. The rubber pedal type continued up until the end of C7353 (W43000) at least. C10217 which started at W45001 looks to have been the first with steel pegs.

Obviously, as repairs were carried out, later type parts were used but if you're portraying C5612 as it left the factory then no rubber parts had been deleted so rubber handgrips too.

Re: Norton 16H Foot Rests & Speedo Mount

Hi Rik

Looks like our Netley catch up this year probably won't happen. My bike seems to be in the middle of the changes, so looks like I can fit both the central speedo mount and the rubber foot rests. I prefer the rubber type so pleased it will be correct. Still has the earlier 8" headlamp.

The bike does have rear racks fitted. I do like the luggage capacity these offer, so will keep them. Tempted to fit the smaller rear carrier but will resist. Otherwise I will fit all rubber items including the tank knee grips. I may be wrong but I think I recall seeing two sizes of knee grips? Need to buy some from somewhere.

The bike was registered in 1956, so looks like it had some post war service as well.


Re: Norton 16H Foot Rests & Speedo Mount

I'll be surprised if Netley happens, and not sure if I'd travel anyway...If I lived locally then I'd probably risk walking round a field.

I've not seen any DME instructions stating that brackets and footrests should be changed, but there were of course regarding the fitment of pannier and pillion equipment.

I'm only aware of one type of single screw fixing tank rubbers. Jeff Hunters are probably the best bet as they come with the steel plate moulded in, as per original.

If the bike stayed in service until '56 then it ought to appear in the Key Cards. What's the frame number ?

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