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Replacement big end quality?

Hi all. I'm looking to buy a new M20 big end assembly. Several suppliers state 'made in UK' and most are asking around £170-180. Can I assume these are good enough quality bearings? If not, I'd value some direction...

Thanks in advance for being there!

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Re: Replacement big end quality?

I think all the complete big ends currently available are made by Alpha Bearings...They run OK when installed....I've done high mileages with them in various engines over the years...Be sure to check at purchase that is what you are getting...

However, I believe in the last couple of years there are at least some Indian made components out there..(I've seen crank pins).

I'd probably go directly to Alpha Bearings or better still Autocycle Engineering, who own Alpha...

You'll also need someone with the equipment and know how to fit the big end (including a proper hone to size the big end eye after fitting to the rod) and to rebuild and true the crankshaft assembly, if you can't do that yourself...Ian

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Re: Replacement big end quality?

Thank you Ian; that's really helpful. I don't have the tools or experience to attempt truing the flywheels, and will give this job to an engineer.


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