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None use of a bike

Hey fellas

I have 49 M20 which probably gets ridden about twice a year.

I am assuming it's probably better to drain the fuel out of the tank and fill up just before I go for a ride?

The interior of the tank has been sealed so should I spray anything inside the tank while it is dry to preserve it?



Re: None use of a bike

I've got bikes that I only use a couple of times a year, I haven't had a problem with the fuel in them. I top it up with fresh fuel on my journey but this is left all winter until it's used again. If you are worried about it or don't want fuel left in the tank, it will be fine to drain it. I can't see why you need to spray anything in there if it's been sealed.

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Re: None use of a bike

An unlikely risk perhaps, but a drained fuel tank full of vapour is effectively a bomb if a source of ignition occurs. That's why aircraft are generally stored with full tanks.

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Re: None use of a bike


You don't say which part of the world you're in, so what I say may not apply to you.

Here in the North East USA a lot of ethanol is added to garage filling station fuel - up to 10%. This absorbs water very fast. About six weeks of leaving fuel in the tank will cause it to precipitate at the rate, I'd say, of about a quarter pint per gallon. With our covid lockdown the gas has been sitting in the storage tanks at the gas stations for longer than usual, too, because of decreased demand.

Since water is heavier than gas, it sinks and so will be the first liquid to enter your carburetor.

These days I put a stabilizer fluid like Seafoam into the gas as a matter of course, since I don't use my bikes every day.

In winter I add Seafoam again. No problems since I started doing this.

I hope this helps,


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