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Doniford Camp Watchet.

The Royal Enfield spares book has an ink stamp "R.E.M.E SUB WORKSHOP" dated 1943,the Ariel WNG spares book has an ink stamp dated 1942
"R.A.O.C. SUBSIDAIARY WORKSHOP".Done a google search and I think the camp is now a holiday caravan park.

Re: Doniford Camp Watchet.

Very nice Steve, I've spent a lot of time holidaying at Watchet and have even been beech combing on the rocks there in front of the old Anti Aircraft ranges, you are quite correct that most of the old camp is now covered in caravans.

Its nice to know they used Ariel's and Enfield's there.


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Re: Doniford Camp Watchet.

Watchet museum has an interesting page on this:
REgards, Mark

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