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Gearbox selector ratchet position

I have a ‘44 wm20, the gearbox was in pieces when it arrived. I have reassembled the gear and set it in high gear, as per the only instructions I could find online.

My question is, what position should the gear change ratchet be in for high gear.

Apologies if I’m using the incorrect names, but on the scale of things tomato/tomato.

For the life for me, I cannot see what position the ratchet be in. Looking at the gearbox, kickstart left. I have the ratchet on the first tooth at the top and third tooth on the bottom.

I’m not sure how to upload pictures, which would explain things much easier

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Re: Gearbox selector ratchet position

Drop your pictures in :

Then paste the link here. Or you can get fancy and use the image.jpg link and paste that between brackets [ ] *link* [ ] using img and /img inside the brackets.

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Re: Gearbox selector ratchet position

This is the position in top gear. Ron


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