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Best Place to Get New Clutch Disc Set for My 1943 M20?

Just took the primary off my bike to trouble shoot not being able to put the bike in gear while running. I took the clutch cover off and the clutch was full of oil (quite a bit came out when I took the cover off). Looks like the last person to work on it didn't use a gasket when he put the cover back on. Believe the oil tank drained into the primary from sitting and filled it and the oil leaked into the ungasketed clutch cover. So it looks like I need to get a new set of discs. I'm assuming once they get saturated with oil, they are no longer usable. I'm in the states and was hoping someone could tell me the best place to buy the disc set or if the original oil soaked set can be saved.

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Re: Best Place to Get New Clutch Disc Set for My 1943 M20?

Put the discs in a container with a strong water/detergent mix and boil them for about 5 minutes...Then dry them naturally in a warm environment....You will find they'll probably be usable again...Ian:relaxed:

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