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Magdyno query...

Does anyone on the forum know in what years the Lucas 'MD' Magdynamo unit was the standard fitment?....and does anyone have a bike with one fitted?.....Ian

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Re: Magdyno query...

Hi Ian, I know there was the MDA and the MDB

This is MDA from 1927:


and I think the MDB was running from 1928-30.

Believe one of the differences between the A and the B is the dynamo drive gear, but can check for sure if you want.

In 1930 came the MS-series with a detachable dynamo, still with ringcam. in 1937 came the MO1 with the facecam we all know.

Think they were fitted to almost every British Lucas electrical equipped bike from that period.

Hope it helps, BR Michiel

Re: Magdyno query...

Hi Michiel...Thanks for that...I have an original Lucas 'Running Instructions' book for that unit in nice condition...Free to a good home if you want it....Ian...:relaxed:

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Re: Magdyno query...

That is kind of you, :+1: Ian. They are fitted to my awaiting Raleigh projects, so would like to accept your offer. Will send you a PM. BR Michiel

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