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Brass tag


Hey fellas

I was given a rear fender part and told it was from a military BSA,it had this brass tag attached to it. Can anyone cast some light on it please?



Re: Brass tag

These contract plates were created so that when a vehicle was taken into a workshop for repair the fitters could identify which spares list to work from, C7287 is the contract number, 24 is the 24th BSA contract.

A very nice item.


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Re: Brass tag

Despite all the M20 parts I've had, plus a few bikes, I've yet to get an original come my way...:grimacing: ...It doesn't seem right!...:laughing: ...Ian

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Re: Brass tag

Same here Ian, my WM20 is from this contract and does not have the plate, but it does have a rebuild plate dated 4th April 1944 which is nice provenance.

regards, Richard

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