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gearbox binding

hi guys, strange problem, i have the gearbox all back together again, new bearings,seems to select all gears ok and in neutral there is even spacing between the 2 gears, outer cover is still off and i received the new gearbox sprocket yesterday
i installed it but when the nut is tightened the sprocket turns freely for just over 180 deg then binds to the point it wont turn, turn it back and its nice and free
i then noticed that the shaft itself turns freely all the way round so its just the layshaft thats binding, im not sure why its ok for 180 deg,
could the shaft be bent ??
is this a common problem?
i have a new gasket under the inner cover
any ideas ????

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Re: gearbox binding

The layshaft could be bent.
Did you use it before ? Without troubles ?

I noticed that the gasket between the gearbox housing and the middle cover is very important.
Should not be to thin.

Re: gearbox binding

well i found the problem, i got a Duff sprocket from drags, actually ordered 2 by mistake, first one has the above problem so i put the original one on and hey presto no binding.. so i put the 2nd drags one on and there is a little drag at one point but minimal
on examination it seems the scroll is hitting the case at one point...package says made in england ...maybe
in any case problem solved, jumped the gun by resorting to asking on the forum before properly you can all go back to to your tea instead of thinking about my trivial problem lol......cheers guys

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