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Dynamo connections


Please, forgive me if it has previosuly been discussed / solved. I can't find it in the forum.

My dynamo has been reconditioned, and it was supposed to work. But I can't get more than 0.2V from it. I've repolarized/flashed it, but the same. Resistance is about 2.5ohm

My doubts started wuen flashing it. Is it ok to hear a cluncking noise like something wanting to move? Is it possible that the F/D connections have been swaped, and thus when I try to flash the dinamo, it is trying to motor? On the cover I have the F on the left and D on the right, but if I remove the cover, the wires cross each other, so the wire that comes from the left is connected to the D, and the one that comes from the right is connected to F (and both to the brushes, of course)

May I try reconnecting the wires, or could it be worse to the dynamo if it is really correctly wired?


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Re: Dynamo connections

If you swap those wires it will simply motor the other way. But if they have already been swapped, you might have to flash it at the D terminal? Ron


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Re: Dynamo connections

Thanks Ron!

Re-wired properly, but couldn't get more than 0.2V. Then Flashed again, with no luck. Finally, I have given just a touch with a file to the contacts, and it has worked. 7.2V from the dinamo at idle. The amp-meter is reading and everything seems fine.

Now I just have to solve the lightning issue (still have no way to fit the rim to the shell), but while I get it solved, just purchased a cheap indian mu42 repro so I can ride.

Another M20 that comes back to life!!

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Re: Dynamo connections

Hi Albert, I give you an interesting link regarding Lucas Dynamo and other electric components, so I had same problem.

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