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Tank markings

I’m restoring from scratch, a WM20. Can anybody please tell me if there is a way to find out what unit my motorcycle would have been with?
I wanted to find out in order to put the correct markings on the tank.
Also is there a way to find out an estimated month of manufacture?

My frame number is WM20.113092 tank number, kindly provided for me, is C5553792. So therefore part of contract S5209 - 36

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Re: Tank markings

S5209 was scheduled for delivery at 2000 per month commencing July 1944 at Frame no. 104818.

I believe that the records no longer exist for these later deliveries, but 8000 machines into the contract ought to have been about four months later if they were delivered on time, so around November 1944.

It would then have been despatched to RAOC Chilwell for storage and subsequent issue. In general by then, they were starting to stockpile for an extended war in the Far East. It may have been issued as a replacement for the campaign in NW Europe but a considerable number were still in storage at the end of the war in Europe. Sadly, no records have been retained.

Re: Tank markings

Thank you for your reply and information. It nice to build a picture about the history of this motorcycle.
I’m told the previous owner was a WW2 veteran that settled in Denmark after the war.
Apparently he had owned the bike since the war.

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