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Frame No confirmation and details

Evening all,

I have a WM20 ( in large lumps) which I believe to be from 1942. The frame number is wm20 76843 ( the 6 is a little unclear) and the engine number is wm20 95895. There is a tag on the cylinder marked STD and a brass tag on the engine stamped with SOU2.9/52 which I assume is a rebuild tag from an army depot from September 1952. Are there any records available that would confirm the frame number is correct from the rebuild tag? Any help would be much appreciated.
Love the forum by the way and the obvious willingness to help and exchange information.


Re: Frame No confirmation and details

Hi Brendan

If it is a "6".

76843 is mentioned in the post war key cards, card 225B

35YD26 76843 4860826 C13290 Junior Leaders Regt RCT 30/7/61

I would imagine it left the factory in 1943 probably painted brown wearing the census number C4860826

SOU2.9/52 "SOU" could be Southern Command Workshops but there are no records to connect it to a frame number.


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Re: Frame No confirmation and details

The Junior Leaders Regt. for Royal Corps of Transport was based at Taunton. That the bike had been through Southern Command workshops would seem quite possible.

Re: Frame No confirmation and details

SOU2 is indeed the code for a workshop in Southern Command. As SOU1 was the Command Workshop at Aldershot, I would hazard a guess the SOU2 could have been the REME Command Workshop at Warminster. For your interest we were still using these codes right up until ABRO took over the REME static workshops in the early 90's.


Re: Frame No confirmation and details

Hi Rob,

I really appreciate you taking the time to look this up for me, the promptness of the reply and the resultant information is more than I was expecting, thank you. I'm reasonably sure it is a (6) so I'll stick with that. Nice to have a little bit of the history of when and where the bike came from. All I need to do now is make a plan to get it back on the road.

Rik and Richard thanks to both of you for the additional information which is both informative and helpful.

Thanks and Regards,

email (option): brendan.davis11(a)

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