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M21 wiring harness?

The original wiring harness on my 1950 M21 has finally reached the point where it can no longer be repaired as the rubber insulation is all falling off. I received a modern LUCAS harness for 1946 to 1955 M series bikes from Dragonfly. It is cloth covered which is incorrect for the bike but can live with that.

It has a few problems.

Ring terminals for the ammeter when my bike has screw terminals.

Ring terminal for the tail lamp when mine has screw terminals.

Lucas bullet connectors for the headlamp when my bike the wires connected directly to the switch.

Dimmer switch is in the main harness when my bike has a separate harness for the switch and is too short.

Wires for the horn are towards the front of the bike when my horn is under the saddle so wires are too short.

I have not looked at the dynamo and regulator wires yet but suspect they will be a problem too.

So I can modify this one or make a new harness but was hoping this one would be correct. I realize they are trying to make a universal harness to fit all years and models of the M bikes. Does anyone make the exact harness for a 1950 M21? If not I will make my own as I have done it many time for other bikes but was hoping buying one would save me another job but was wrong!


Re: M21 wiring harness?

I never buy a ready made harness. They always have bits you don't need or in the wrong place and usually both. It's just so simple and satisfying to make your own by laying each wire in turn according to the wiring diagram. Ron

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Re: M21 wiring harness?

And with ready made wiring harnesses typically the wires are too thin to take the power going through it. So I also always make my own. It is very ease and at least it will fit.

email (option): leonhop3_at_planet_dot_nl

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