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Army Book 412 (Nathan Saunders).

Just noticed on the tax disc holders 1939 thread the photo of the tax disc holder and army book 412, is the book yours Nathan, is the C number 3917745 can't make out the last but one number, if it is I have an original press photo with part of that bike on.

Re: Army Book 412 (Nathan Saunders).

Steve, the photo of the AB412 was posted on one of Ron's threads on HMVF by the grandson of the chap who had been forced to abandon it in France (but kept the paperwork).

Re: Army Book 412 (Nathan Saunders).

Thanks Rik, I do have a look on the hmvf site motorcycles section now and then some interesting stuff on there,I remember it now yes the number on the book is C3917745,the same as on the press photo which is dated 1939,at least the tax disc holder still survives.

Re: Army Book 412 (Nathan Saunders).

That's brilliant, Steve ! Another confirmed image of the RASC VRD at Slough.

...and we know that Trumpet didn't make it back from France.

Here's another one that didn't make it...C3917573


Re: Army Book 412 (Nathan Saunders).

Good spot Steve! What a coincidence, to find a matching book and photograph!

Would you have any other pictures from the same series? I'm asking so because next to the rows with Triumphs (RASC and RAOC numbers...?), there is also a row with WD/C Royal Enfields, and these must have been the very first that came off the production line. You can just see the tip of the mudguard here:


And here's a picture of a complete WD/C:


More pictures showing the Triumphs and other bikes:



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