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Hi all I am wondering what is the difference in sno’s between WM20&ZM20 as my bike is registered as WM20 but it is actually ZM20, When I first changed the rego the rego people read W not Z so I am curious as to the difference
Cheers Ian

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Re: M20

They are both the BSA 500cc SV model of a period so you could argue that they are the same.

The Letter "K" 1938-39 "W" 1940-45 (should have been "L" for 40-41 and does get a mention in the ledgers) X 1945-6 is just a date code.

The main difference here on this site which is for WD motorcycles of all makes is that XM20s YM20s and ZM20s are post war civilian machines and are technically off topic, we tolerate them to a certain degree but if too much off topic material appears it will have to be stopped.


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Re: M20

A 'ZM20' would be 1950-51 (depending on frame number) and would be a very different bike to the WM20s produced during the war...

The biggest single difference would be the telescopic forks and the modified frame front that was fitted with them...However, there are multiple other more minor differences...Ian

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